Top 5 Most Expensive Trees in India

Sandalwood obtained from its tree gives a high market price due to its fragrant oil. Therefore, Sandalwood is one of the most expensive trees in India.
The wood of the Gamhar tree is durable and is used to make strong structures, and its bark has medicinal properties as well. This leads to Gamhar trees being expensive in India.
Mahogany is popular by the name of the “king of timbers” due to its highly attractive red-brown coloured wood, which has high strength, making it an expensive tree in India.
Safeda tree offers valuable timber and essential oils, which have lots of industrial applications. This makes the Safeda an expensive tree to obtain a profitable income.
Karma is an expensive tree to grow in India because the timber obtained from it is used to make artistic structures and vessels, which have a high market value.
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