Top 5 Most Expensive Mango Variety in India

Alphonso, Kesar, Dasheri, Himsagar and Banganapalli are the top types of mango varieties in India. However, these varieties are highly profitable if grown with proper care.
This mango variety originated through a grafting method and became popular since then. Alphonso mangoes have a creamy, rich and tender texture with a delicious taste.
Kesar mango is popular in Gujarat and it has orange pulp full of richness. Along with this, it has an oblong shape, and has high market value due to its export.
It is a fragrant and sweet variety of mango, which is cultivated for export. As a result, it becomes an expensive mango variety in India, making it profitable for farmers.
Himsagar mango is a popular and expensive mango variety. It has a fibreless pulp with yellowish orange appearance. Hence, it has a high market value for farmers.
This Mango variety is also expensive as it has a meaty and firm texture. Banganapalli Mango orignated from Andhra Pradesh and it has an average length of 20 CM.
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