Top 5 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

70% of India’s coffee production comes from Karnataka, where Arabica and Robusta are the predominant types, grown and shipped to various nations.
Black Ivory Coffee, produced in India, is made from Thai Arabica beans naturally processed through elephants' digestive systems, resulting in a distinct flavour profile.
Kopi Luwak Coffee Also known as Civet Coffee, this bean originates from Indonesia and is made from coffee cherries eaten and excreted by Asian palm civets.
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, is known for its mild flavour, smoothness, and well-balanced acidity.
Hawaiian Kona Coffee is Cultivated on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, this coffee offers a rich and aromatic brew with notes of chocolate and nuts.

Los Planes Coffee, produced in India, is a specialty coffee known for its exceptional quality, grown in the lush plantations of the Western Ghats.

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