Top 5 Monsoon Crops to Grow

In India, crops are divided into 2 segments that are Rabi, Kharif and Zaid. Out of these, the Kharif crops are produced in the monsoon and this is basically known as Kharif season. Check the top 5 Kharif season crops.

1. Rice

India is the world’s largest rice producer and covers one-third of the total cultivated area. Rice is the staple food of India and a top growing monsoon crop. It is mainly grows in rice paddy fields and coastal areas and required 25-26 ℃.

2. Cotton

India holds the third rank in cotton production across the world and known as “White Gold”. It requires the 21-30℃ temperature and 50-100 cm rainfall.

3. Sugarcane

Sugarcane requires hot and humid weather and agro climatic areas to grow in 32-38℃ temperature. It is only grown in monsoon season.

4. Tea

Tea crop is dynamic in nature can stand in high frost and snow as well. India is a largest consumer of tea that cultivates 30% global production of output.

5. pulses

Indian agriculture is largely relies on pulses that includes green gram, black gram and most leading pulses crops. Pulses requires 70% of rainfall to grow well.

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