Top 5 Milk Production States in India

Almost every Indian state produces milk, and livestock products are a major source of income in India. Let’s look at the popular Indian states for milk production.
Rajasthan is a major milk producing state, and Jaipur accounts for a large volume of milk production. Also, this state produced 33.3 million metric tons of milk in FY 2022.
In Uttar Pradesh, the major milk producers are cows and buffalo. The dairy market of Uttar Pradesh as a milk producer is expected to grow Rs 3,613.2 Billion by 2028.
Madhya Pradesh milk production is marking a huge boost in the dairy farming sector. The production of milk in Madhya Pradesh improved by 133% in around 10 years.
Gujarat produces around 127 lakh tonnes of milk. According to data, the average milk consumption of each person is 545 grams, leading to higher profits in dairy.
Andhra Pradesh has a contribution of 7.6 percent in the overall milk production of India. However, less than 2 hectares of land is engaged in Andhra Pradesh’s milk production.
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