Top 5 Masoor Producing States in India

Uttar Pradesh is India's largest producer of lentils. However, other states, including Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, and Bihar, also contribute to the country's overall production.
This state ranks top among masoor-producing states in India. It cultivates 4,52,810 tonnes of masoor annually, which is 41.05% of the country’s overall masoor production.
The second on the list is Madhya Pradesh, which produces 2,94,480 tonnes of masoor annually. This quantity accounts for 26.7% of the total masoor production in India.
West Bengal ranks third among India's top masoor producing states. It yields 90,120 tonnes yearly, contributing about 8.17% to the country's masoor cultivation.
Bihar secures the fourth position, with an annual production of 90,120 tonnes of lentils, similar to West Bengal. This state also contributes 8.17% of the overall masoor production.
Jharkhand is also a significant masoor-producing state, cultivating 52,910 tonnes of lentils annually, contributing 4.8% of the country’s overall masoor production.
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