Top 5 Marigold Production States In India

Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of marigold flowers in India. A large chunk of India’s overall marigold production comes from this state due to ideal climates.
Madhya Pradesh is responsible for contributing to a huge volume of India’s total marigold production. This state produced 2,24,870 tonnes of marigolds the previous year.
Karnataka is another popular state for cultivating marigolds on a commercial scale. Last year, this Indian state cultivated 1,21,930 tonnes of marigold flowers.
Gujarat’s marigold production is profitable for farmers as this state has ideal climatic conditions. Gujarat produced around 84,280 tonnes of marigolds the previous year.
This Indian state grows a huge volume of marigold flowers, making it a profit-making business for farmers. Last year, Andhra Pradesh’s marigold cultivation was 76,420 tonnes.
The previous year’s marigold production in West Bengal registered at 63,440 tonnes. This makes West Bengal one of the popular marigold-producing states.
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