Top 5 Marigold Producing States In India

Marigolds are grown in various regions of India, including states with subtropical to tropical climate conditions, well-drained soil, and plenty of sunlight.
Madhya Pradesh is the largest marigold producer in India, with a total annual production of 2,24,870 tonnes, which translates into 29.8% of the country’s overall marigold production.
Karnataka is second on the list of marigold-producing states in India. It produces 1,21,930 tonnes annually, which contributes to 16.1% of the country’s total production.
Gujarat is also a key contributor to marigold production in India. The state cultivates 83,280 tonnes of marigold annually, which is 11% of the overall marigold production in the country.
The list of marigold-producing states continues with Andhra Pradesh. This state is responsible for growing 76,420 tonnes of marigold, which calculates to 8.4% of India’s marigold production.
Last but not least, West Bengal contributes 8.4% of the country’s annual marigold cultivation. This translates into 63,440 tonnes of marigold flower production within a year.
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