Top 5 Mango Production Countries In The World

Mango trees contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing soil erosion, absorbing carbon dioxide and increasing the fertility of the soil, and it is profitable.
India is a major mango producing country in the world. It has a significant contribution of 40 percent of the total mangoes production worldwide due to its profits.
Thailand is another popular mango producing country in the world. Thailand is located near the equator, so its climate is ideal for large-scale mango cultivation.
Mexico cultivates a huge amount of mangoes with huge profits. The 65 percent of mango production of the U.S.A. comes from Mexico through the help of exportations.
Mango production in Indonesia is hugely practiced in the East Java region. Other popular mango cultivation areas in Indonesia are West Nusa Tenggara and South East Sulawesi.
Brazil is one of the famous mango producers in South America. An area of 676 thousand hectares of land is dedicated to 970 thousand tonnes mango production in Brazil.
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