Mango Producing States of India: Mangoes Fruits

Totapuri, Kesar, Alphonso, Dasheri and Chausa are the popular varieties of mango in India. As a result, farmers in every Indian state can cultivate mangoes on a large scale.
The average annual mango production of Uttar Pradesh is about 35 to 45 lakh metric tonnes. However, the volume of mango production is expected to decrease in the coming years.
Gujarat largely cultivates mangoes in the Saurashtra-Kutch region. Also, the Kesar variety of mangoes is popular for profitable production in the state of Gujarat.
In the year 2020-21, the production of Mangoes in Andhra Pradesh was around 49.26 lakh MT. Therefore, Andhra Pradesh is another popular state for commercial mango production.
Bihar is a major mango producing state, and it grows around 9.67 tonnes of mangoes from one hectare of land. Also, Dudhiya Malda and Gulab Khaas are the famous mangoes in Bihar.
The Kolar district of Kerala is responsible for cultivating more than 50 percent mangoes in Karnataka. It is one of the popular states for mango production in India.
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