Top 5 Lychee Production States in India

Due to the fruit's excellent taste, rising market demand, high nutritional content, and capacity to thrive in favorable agro-climatic conditions, litchi farming is a profitable venture for farmers.
Bihar is one of India's top lychee production states, accounting for about 74% of the total output with favorable climatic conditions that support the growth of high-quality lychee fruits.
Uttar Pradesh is a major contributor to India's lychee production, known for its diverse varieties, including the famous Shahi and China Lychee, and its well-established lychee cultivation practices.
Punjab with an annual production of about 1,000 tonnes from an area of about 300 hectares and the production of premium quality lychee varieties adds to the state's agricultural diversity.
Haryana's lychee production is on the rise, with an average output of 15,000 tonnes, offering profitable prospects to farmers through advanced cultivation techniques and high-yielding varieties.

Himachal Pradesh's cool and hilly regions provide an ideal environment for cultivating early and high-quality lychee varieties, contributing to the state's growing lychee industry.

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