Top 5 Lemon Varieties in India : Benefits of Lemon

There are numerous benefits of lemon consumption. Loaded with Vitamin C, lemon boosts collagen production and improves the absorption of iron in the body for better health.
This lemon variety belongs to the tropical Southeast Asian region. As a result, the Nemu Tenga lemons are majorly found in Assam state of India due to ideal conditions.
​Lisbon lemons are a special heirloom variety of lemons, famous in Australia. Lisbon lemons have smooth skin and bright yellow appearance and are filled with juice.
It is a hybrid variety of lemon, which is a cross between citron and mandarin orange. Along with this, the rough lemons variety has a hard outer skin, making it inedible.
This lemon variety is small in size, smooth in texture and has the right amount of acid. Popularly cultivated in northeast India, It has fewer seeds with a glossy appearance.
The Genoa Lemon variety has high oil content in the skin. Apart from this, the plant of this lemon variety has a dense and compact canopy and thrives in colder areas.
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