Top 5 Lemon Producing States in India

Andhra Pradesh, leading in lemon production, yields 6.93 Lakh tonnes annually. The state contributes one-third of India's total lemon produce, benefiting local farmers.
Gujarat stands out as India's second-largest lemon producer. With vast cultivated areas, especially in Mehsana, Gujarat's lemon production supports farmer income and national supply.
Maharashtra stands as a significant lemon producer in India, ranking 3rd nationally. Their contribution, around 3.46 lakh tonnes, best meets the country's citrus fruit demand.
Karnataka is known for its diverse agriculture. It's a major player in lemon production too. The state contributes 9.68% to the national output, producing around 3.40 lakh tonnes of lemons every year.
Madhya Pradesh, a central Indian state, is also contributing to the lemon production. It contributes 8.61% to the national total and produces around 3.02 lakh tonnes annually.

Eastern India, including Odisha, is a significant contributor to the national lemon production. Odisha alone produces 2.88 lakh tonnes yearly, contributing 8.23% to the national output.

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