Top 5 Lavender Farming Tips in India

There are several types of lavender, including English lavender, French lavender, Spanish lavender and Lavandin. Each type has its unique characteristics in fragrance, flower colour, and growth habit.
Lavender grows best in dry, well-aerated soil with lots of organic matter. Lavender doesn't like wet soil; it thrives in well-drained, airy soil. The ideal pH for higher oil content is between 7.0 to 8.3.
Prepare the land for lavender farming by ploughing deeply 2 to 3 times to remove weeds and create fine soil. Enhance fertility with well-composted farmyard manure.
Plant lavender seedlings in either autumn or spring. Space them 4 feet apart in rows, with 30-40 cm between each plant. For the best yield, target 20,000 plants per hectare.
For the first 2 years in lavender farming, water the plants until they're well-established. In lighter soil, irrigate during important growth stages, especially when flowers are starting.
In lavender farming, harvest when flowers are fully bloomed, preferably in the morning, for higher oil concentration. Cut stems just above leaves, leaving some green for regrowth.
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