India’s Top 5 Onion Production States

Maharashtra is the largest state for producing onions in India. This Indian state is known for its huge contribution to the country's overall onion production, with high market value.
With the availability of ideal climatic conditions, Maharashtra grows around 13,301.7 tonnes of onions. As a result, onion cultivation is a profitable business for farmers.
Karnataka’s onion production is 2779.5 tonnes in 2021-22. Moreover, 20 percent of Karnataka’s land is dedicated to onions, contributing to 13 percent of the country’s total output.
The onion production of Gujarat in 2021-22 registered at 2554.7 tonnes. Gujarat has a 15 per cent share in the overall onions grown in India, making it a major onion producer.
Madhya Pradesh produced 4740.6 tonnes of onions in 2021-22. The major regions for growing high-quality onions in Madhya Pradesh are Mandsaur, Neemuch, and Ratlam.
With a production of 1375 tonnes, Bihar also made its place in the list of onions-producing states of India. Nalanda, Vaishali and Patna are the main onion producers in Bihar.
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