Top 5 Largest Mango Producing States in India

In India, over 1,500 mango varieties are cultivated, with 1,000 being commercially grown. Each mango type has a unique taste. Alphonso is known as the king of mangoes.
Uttar Pradesh leads mango production in India, accounting for over 23% of the national output, with 590,000 hectares and 4,384,000 metric tonnes produced.
Andhra Pradesh is another significant mango producer, responsible for nearly 23% of India's mangoes. It encompasses 351,000 hectares and produces 4,384,000 metric tonnes.
Karnataka ranks third, contributing about 9% of India's mango production. It has 277,000 hectares and produces 2,651,000 metric tonnes.
Bihar ranks fourth in mango production, with 248,000 hectares of area and 2,338,000 metric tonnes of production, constituting 12% of total production.
Gujarat ranks fifth in mango production, with 180,000 hectares of area and 1,805,000 metric tonnes of production, accounting for 9.50% of total production.
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