Top 5 Largest Crop Producing States of India in 2024

West Bengal has 71.23 lakh farming families, 96% of which are small or marginal, with average landholdings of 0.77 hectares. It produces diverse crops like Tomatoes, Rice, and Jute and spices such as Chilli and Turmeric.
Uttar Pradesh is known for sugarcane, wheat, and rice farming. About 59% of its population works in agriculture. It is India's top milk producer, contributing 16.83% of the country's total milk production.
Punjab, India's "Food Bowl," excels in wheat (14%) and rice (10%) production. With over 83% of its land under cultivation and high cropping intensity, it plays a crucial role in India's food security.
Gujarat grows Bajra, Groundnut, Cotton, and Rice. With 48.86 lakh landholders averaging 2.03 hectares, 65% of its 196 lakh hectares are cropped. It has seven agro-climatic zones and diverse soils.
Haryana, where 70% of the population engages in agriculture, is known as the "Food Mine" of India. Major crops include rice and wheat, with 86.2% of its 4.421 million hectares under cultivation.
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