Top 5 Kiwi Production States In India

Arunachal Pradesh, the state located in the northeastern part of India renowned as the leading producer of kiwi fruit in India, cultivates this delicious fruit, commonly referred to as Chinese Gooseberry.
Arunachal Pradesh located in the northeastern part of India offers all the ideal circumstances for producing top-quality kiwi fruits. This is because it's a state filled with temperate weather and verdant hills.
Another important state in India that cultivates kiwi fruit is Himachal Pradesh. The state's chilly, hilly terrain provides ideal circumstances for kiwi farming.

Uttar Pradesh has also emerged as a notable Kiwi producer. With its diverse geographical regions and suitable climate, Uttar Pradesh has witnessed significant growth in kiwi cultivation in recent years.

Manipur, located in Northeast India, is gradually gaining recognition for its kiwi production. The state's favourable climate and fertile soil contribute to cultivating high-quality kiwi fruit.
Sikkim, known for its breathtaking landscapes, has also made its mark in kiwi cultivation. The state's new organic farming techniques contribute to producing delicious kiwi fruits.
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