Top 5 Popular Kartar Tractor Models in India 2023

The Kartar 5936 tractor has a brilliant 60 HP engine and with a 4 wheel drive for effective farming operations, and this Kartar tractor price is Rs. 10.80 to 11.15 lakh in India.
Kartar 5036 4WD is also one of the top 5 Kartar tractor models, popular for seamless farming tasks with the help of a 50 HP engine, and its price is Rs. 8.85 - 9.20 lakh.
This Kartar tractor has numerous modern farming features and the Kartar 5036 tractor offers a high-performance with a 50 HP engine and its price is Rs. 8.10 to 8.45 lakh.
Kartar 5136 tractor price is Rs. 7.40 - 8.00 lakh and this tractor delivers ease in carrying out farming tasks with 1800 Kg lifting capacity and 43.58 Horsepower of Take-Off Power.
With a superb 45 HP engine and 1800 Kg hydraulic lifting capacity, the Kartar 4536 gives an impressive performance, and its price is Rs. 6.80 to 7.50 lakh in India.
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