Top 5 Jute Production States in India

West Bengal is the leading producer of Jute in India as it has the availability of a favourable climate. This makes West Bengal a popular Jute producing state in India.
West Bengal is a famous producer of Jute in the country. This state cultivates Jute on a vast piece of land. As a result, Jute production is a profitable business in West Bengal.
Bihar has a land area of 0.835 lakh hectares for the production of Jute. This state grows more than 1.11 million bales of Jute, generating higher profits for the farmers.
Odisha is another major producer of Jute in India, with many farmers engaged in its cultivation. Odisha has the ideal climatic conditions for the large scale production of Jute.
Assam is also one of the leading producers of Jute in India. The popular Jute producing regions in Assam are Darrang, Nagaon, Goalpara and Barpetam, with suitable climates.
Andhra Pradesh contributes to a large chunk of India’s total production. The major Jute producing regions are East Godavari, West Godavari, and Krishna districts.
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