Top 5 Jasmine Production States in India

The flower jasmine is used for making a lot things like perfrume, oil, and lotions. Fragrance of jasmine helps in improving the mood, reduces stress, and reduces food cravings.
Andhra Pradesh is counted as the number one state in the production of jasmine. The Total value production of jasmine in Andhra Pradesh is 22.24 (9.2%) overall the production of flowers.
Assam produces about a total value of 4.56, which is 1.08% of the contributions on its own. Farmers produce about 800kg/acre of jasmine annually.
West Bengal is valued at the position of fifth in jasmine production. The production of jasmine in West Bengal is 0.55 (0.2%), the per cent of contribution to agricultural GDP.
Karnataka Total value production of jasmine is 23.88 (9.9%) of the total production of flowers. Karnataka is counted as the largest producer of jasmine in India.
Telangana contributes the Total value of jasmine in its state GDP of 0.55 (0.2%), which is counted as the average number in the flower production.
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