Top 5 Jamun Production States in India

Delhi is the city popular for Jamun in India. It is highly demanded there due to its delicious taste and numerous health benefits. This city has many Jamun sellers.
Maharashtra is a popular state for Jamun production in India. The agro-climatic conditions of Maharashtra favour the farmers to cultivate Jamun at a commercial scale.
Uttar Pradesh is also a major producer of Jamun fruit. The popular varieties of Jamun cultivated in Uttar Pradesh are CISH J-42 and CISH J-37, which are profitable.
Tamil Nadu cultivates a high volume of Jamun in India. However, the large-scale production of Jamun fruits in Tamil Nadu is significantly profitable for farmers.
Gujarat is a recognised state for Jamun production in India. With the availability of an ideal climate and high demand for Jamun fruits, it becomes profitable in Gujarat.
The state of Assam grows different varieties of Jamun fruits. As a result, it is another major Jamun producing state in India, with high value for crops of Jamun.
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