Top 5 Hop Shoots Producing States in India

Hop Shoots are young, tender shoots of the hop plant (Humulus Lupulus). These aren’t technically flowers, but they are high in antioxidants and beneficial for aiding sleep and reducing anxiety.
Bihar led India in commercial hopshoot cultivation. Farmers saw its profit potential and embraced cultivation, making significant strides in the agricultural sector.
Himachal Pradesh was once a major producer of hop shoots, but cultivation faced challenges due to inadequate marketing. Now, the government is making efforts to rejuvenate the industry.
Uttarakhand provides suitable conditions for this crop to thrive, with ample sunlight and water availability. Farmers in the region have begun experimenting with cultivating it.
The crop is cultivated in certain regions, notably in the Kashmir valley. The state government supports farmers by offering training and seeds to boost hop shoot production.
Sikkim boasts a conducive climate and soil for hop cultivation. The state's commitment to organic farming practices further enhances the quality and value of hop shoots grown there.
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