Top 5 Honey Production States In India

Eucalyptus honey, Acacia honey, Lychee honey, Dandelion honey, Buckwheat honey and Sunflower honey are the popular and best varieties of honey in India for profits.
Uttar Pradesh is the leading honey producing state in India. This state has a 30% contribution to the overall honey production of the country due to its heritage of beekeeping.
Gujarat produces 15% of the total honey production of India. However, Gujarat is known for its multi-floral honey production, enriched with a distinct aroma and flavour.
The state of Punjab highly produces mustard honey, which has a strong aroma and flavour. Also, Punjab contributes to 15% of the total honey production of the country.
Due to the ideal climatic conditions for rearing bees, Bihar produces 9% of the total honey production of India. Also, Vaishali and Muzaffarpur are famous for honey in Bihar.
With a 7% contribution to the total honey production of India, Madhya Pradesh is fifth in terms of honey production. The popular honey-producing areas are Ujjain, Dewas and Indore.
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