Top 5 High-yielding varieties of maize in India

Karnataka is the largest producer of maize in India. The state provides favourable agroclimate conditions for maize cultivation across its different regions, both in the kharif and rabi seasons.
Prakash is a popular choice for farmers in Madhya Pradesh due to its maturity speed, disease resistance, and yield potential. This variety performs well in medium—to high-rainfall areas.
Deccan-107 is a well-adapted variety for warmer regions of India. Its drought tolerance and high yield potential make it a popular choice for farmers in these areas.
Prabhat is an open-pollinated composite variety that requires saving seeds for future plantings. This is a cost-effective option for farmers and offers a good balance between maturity speed and yield.
Gaurav is a commercially available hybrid variety known for its disease resistance. This makes it a good option for farmers looking for a disease-resistant variety against common maize diseases.
Azad Uttam is popular for its short maturity period, enabling multiple yearly plantings. It's also tolerant of partial shade, making it adaptable to various growing conditions.
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