Top 5 Health Benefits of Tomato: Types of Tomato

Tomatoes help prevent strokes by easing inflammation, boosting your immune system, lowering cholesterol levels, and controlling blood clotting.
Tomatoes lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation, protecting the heart. They contain potassium that regulates heart rhythm, and lycopene prevents blood clots and improves blood vessel function.
Lycopene in tomatoes fights cancers (prostate, breast, lung, stomach) and shields DNA from free radicals and UV rays.
Tomatoes have vitamin C and other nutrients that protect the eyes from diseases and reduce infections and inflammation.
Vitamin K, calcium, and magnesium in tomatoes support strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. Lycopene also protects bones from fracture and loss by reducing oxidative stress.
Tomatoes improve digestion with fibre, water, and antioxidants. They ease constipation, bowel regularity, and colon cancer risk. They also lower acidity and inflammation in ulcers and gastritis.
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