Top 5 Health Benefits of Saffron (kesar)

Saffron is an expensive spice obtained from the stigma of flowers. The thread-like structure of the saffron flowers is used in different cuisines for colour and aroma.

With the natural detoxifying properties of saffron, it effectively cleans the liver. Also, glutathione is found in saffron which improves gut health, leading to better digestion.

Saffron boosts apoptosis in the body, which is essential to fight cancerous cells. The major cancer-fighting elements present in saffron are crocetin and safranal.

Saffron has highly effective antioxidant properties, reducing free radicals. A number of other biological properties are present in saffron, resulting in better health.

Saffron is helpful for curing nervous system disorders by reducing oxidative brain damage and decreasing inflammation. It also reduces stress when consumed regularly.

Saffron benefits weight loss as well with improved digestion and better metabolism. It helps with overeating disorders with reduced cravings for eating constantly.

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