Top 5 Health Benefits of Ragi

With 7 grams of protein per 100 grams, Ragi provides essential amino acids vital for muscle growth, tissue repair, and immunity, as the body does not naturally synthesize them.
Ragi, a holistic breakfast choice, provides long-lasting energy. With a low glycemic index, it prevents blood sugar spikes and cravings. Its fiber content aids digestion and prevents constipation.
Ragi supplies vital amino acids. Methionine aids hair growth and skin health, tryptophan regulates mood and sleep, and lysine supports collagen synthesis and wound healing.
Ragi strengthens bones, prevents osteoporosis, and is a top calcium source among cereals, with around 344 mg per 100 grams. Also, calcium is crucial for healthy bones and teeth.
Ragi combats anemia, improves circulation, and is iron-rich, vital for hemoglobin production in red blood cells. Iron prevents fatigue, weakness, and infections.
Ragi enhances brain function, boosts the nervous system, and contains antioxidants that shield brain cells from stress and inflammation. Thiamine supports nerve transmission and memory.
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