Top 5 Health Benefits Of Olives

Olives are obtained from Olea europaea trees. They belong to the group of stone fruits or drupes. Olives are closely related to mangoes, cherries, almonds and peaches.
Hydroxytyrosol and oleanolic acid are significantly found in olives. These antioxidants are crucial for the human body to eliminate the harmful effects of free radicals.
Olives are rich in polyphenols, essential for wound healing and reducing inflammation. Oleocanthal, present in olives, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory in olives.
Olives have oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid. As a result, olives are highly beneficial for a healthy heart, leading to better functioning of the body.
By reducing oxidative stress, bone resorption and inflammation, olives boost bone health. Olives improve bone strength and mineral density with the help of polyphenols.
Olives are beneficial for eliminating leukemia cells and help cure gastric and lung cancer. At the same time, olives prevent ovarian and colon cancer in the body.
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