Top 5 Health Benefits of Ash Gourd

The high nutritional content of ash gourd, which includes iron, calcium, magnesium, and copper, makes it a nutritious vegetable, and has a high vitamin content.
Ash Gourd is rich in a vitamin b12 which is also called riboflavin. This nutrient keeps the mucus membrane healthy, which makes digestion healthy and helps nutrient absorption.
Ash Gourd has about 96 percent water content, which is one of its major health benefits. Thus, the consumption of Ash Gourd is highly beneficial during the summer season.
Phytochemicals such as flavonoids present in Ash Gourd help improve the functioning of insulin and slow glucose absorption in the bloodstream, making it a healthy food.
Ash Gourd is rich in dietary fibre and has a low-calorie count. Thus, its regular consumption is helpful for weight management, which is a major health benefit of Ash Gourd.
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