Top 5 Hanging Plants to Grow at Home

Hanging Plants in the house can elevate your house’s aesthetics. Some of the best plants to hang in the home include Boston Fern, String Of Pearls, Golden Pothos, English Ivy and String of Bananas.
Boston Fern are very easy to take care of; they require medium indirect sunlight with consistent moisture. These plants are lush and have cascading fronds that create a dramatic effect.
String Of Pearls have delicate, cascading vibes and unique, pearl-like foliage. These plants thrive in bright and indirect sunlight. To take the best care of them, avoid overwatering them.
Golden Pothos are adaptable to various light conditions and are extremely easy to care for. However, golden pothos grow really fast and may need regular trimming.
English Ivy is extremely lush and has trailing vines with classic foliage. These plants can easily be trained to climb. These plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight but can still tolerate lower light.
String of Bananas is known for its unique and plump foliage, which has a rather interesting texture and grows slowly. These plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight, making it best for your house.
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