Top 5 Groundnut Production States In India

Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are the major producers of groundnut in India. These states are crucial in the overall groundnut production of India.
Gujarat contributes to more than 40.5 percent of the total groundnut produced in India. This Indian state cultivates more than 4 million tonnes of groundnut annually.
Groundnut is a major oilseed crop in Rajasthan. The production of groundnut contributes to India’s 16.27 percent of groundnut cultivation, making it a profitable crop.
The groundnut production of Tamil Nadu is mainly carried out in the North Eastern Zone. The major production regions of Tamil Nadu are Cuddalore and Villupuram.
Andhra Pradesh is also a major contributor to India’s overall groundnut production. This Indian state grows groundnuts commercially due to ideal agro-climatic conditions.
The regions for growing groundnut in Karnataka are Vijayapura, Challekere in Chitradurga. Karnataka also contributes to a major chunk of total groundnut production in India.
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