Top 5 Green Peas Farming Tips in India

Pea seed sowing times vary by region in India. In the plains, it's from October to mid-November for the Rabi season, and in the hills, it's from mid-March to late May.
Peas thrive in temperatures of 13 to 18°C. Successful crop cultivation needs well-drained, loamy soils free from excessive soluble salts, with a neutral pH between 6.5 and 7.5.
Seeds are sown 2-3 cm deep, with rows spaced 30-45 cm apart and plants 5-10 cm apart. Peas, as legumes, require minimal manure and fertilisers.
After a paddy crop, if soil holds moisture, it can be sown without irrigation. One or two irrigations are needed post-sowing: one before flowering and another during pod formation.
Harrow between seeding and pea emergence to tackle new weeds. Avoid harrowing during emergence and shortly after for strong root growth.
Peas are harvested 75 days after sowing, but high temperatures can impact their quality. Yields range from 8 to 12 tons per hectare, with pods needing to be clean and undamaged.
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