Top 5 Grapes Production States in India

Anab-e-Shahi, Dilkhush, Perlette, Sharad Seedless and Manik Chaman are the popular varieties of grapes in India. However, every variety is profitable and demanded.
Maharashtra is popular for producing high-quality grapes in India. The Nashik district of Maharashtra has the highest volume of grape production due to higher demand.
This state in India has second place in terms of grape production. The popular regions for grape production are Cauvery Valley, Krishna Valley and Nandi Valley.
A large piece of land is occupied by grape production in Tamil Nadu, which is 2800 hectares. However, the Theni district is known for the high cultivation of star fruit.
Andhra Pradesh is another major producer of star fruits in India. The Medak, Rangareddy and Ananthapur are popular areas for the commercial production of grapes.

Punjab has the ideal agro-climatic conditions for the production of grapes. As a result, farmers of Punjab highly practice grape farming due to profitable income.

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