Top 5 Government Subsidy Schemes for Farmers - Subsidy Types

Indian government agricultural schemes aim to uplift lives by supporting those in need for better livelihoods. Each scheme offers privileges for improved well-being, ensuring a better quality of life for individuals.
The PM KISAN Scheme aims to support farmers across India by providing income assistance of Rs. 6000 per year to landholding families, helping with agricultural and domestic expenses.
PMFBY to insure crops, uniting people for positive impact. It aims to stabilise farmers' income, ensure farming continuity, and provide aid against pests, and diseases.
The Indian Govt's PMFBY insures crops, unites for impact, aims income stability & farming continuity. It supports farmers against calamities, pests, & promotes innovative practices.
The Indian Govt introduced Modified Interest Subvention Scheme (MISS) in 2006-07. It offers concessional interest rates on short-term Agri-loans via KCC for farmers' working capital needs.
The plan includes projects for managing crops after they're harvested. This involves services like online selling platforms, storage places, sorting units, and transport facilities.
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