Top 5 Gorgeous Flowering Trees In India

The 5 major varieties of flowering trees in India are Gulmohar, Tree of Gold, Trumpet, Jacaranda and Indian Coral tree. They paint the landscape with attractive flowers.
The deep, glowing red colour of flowering Gulmohar tree illuminates gardens. Along with this, its subtle fragrance is attention grabbing, making it a gorgeous flowering tree.
The botanical name of this flowering tree is Tabebuias, and its appearance resembles the colour of sunset. Also, the Tree of Gold is popularly known as the Golden Shower.
This flowering tree has trumpet shaped flowers that grow in attractive purple-blue clusters. Jacaranda’s zig-zag shaped twigs make it a gorgeous flowering tree.
Trumpet tree is known as Tabebuia rosea or Pink Poui, and it is an evergreen tree. The flowers of this gorgeous flowering tree are pink-white, which grow in clusters.
The cylindrical shaped flowers of Indian Coral tree are beautiful and have a red-orange colour. Also, Indian Coral trees start flowering during the spring season.
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