Top 5 Gooseberry Production States in India

Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of gooseberries in India. This state makes a significant contribution to the overall production of gooseberries in the nation.
The gooseberry production of gooseberry in Uttar Pradesh is 3,843,200 quintals. This Indian state cultivates more than 35 percent of the total production of India.
Madhya Pradesh produces around 4,03,770 tonnes of gooseberry per year. This state is a major producer of gooseberries because it grows 33.48% of the nation’s total yield.
Assam cultivates 20.210 tonnes of gooseberry in India. This Indian state is responsible for growing 1.68 percent of the total gooseberry production of the country.
Bihar also grows gooseberries on a commercial scale, and its output is around 14,800 tonnes of gooseberry. This resulted in 5.72% of the total gooseberry production in India.
Rajasthan’s gooseberry cultivation is 12,610 tonnes, leading to 1.05% contribution of the total production of India. This makes Rajasthan one of the major gooseberry-growing states.
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