Top 5 Ginger Production States In India

Many states in India produce ginger on a large-scale. However, the major ginger producing states are Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam, Maharashtra and West Bengal.
This state of India is a leading producer of ginger. Madhya Pradesh produced 692 million metric tons of ginger in the financial year 2022, leading to higher profits for farmers.
Karnataka contributes to a large chunk of the nation’s overall ginger production. This state has a land area of 20,536 hectares engaged in commercial ginger cultivation.
Assam is famous for growing organic ginger, and the Karbi Anglong region has the highest quality of ginger. The area produces around 30,000 tonnes of ginger annually.
This Indian state has the right conditions for commercial cultivation of ginger. Maharashtra contributes to a significant amount of the total ginger production of India.
West Bengal has a large land area dedicated to ginger cultivation. Kalimpong and Darjeeling are the two popular areas for ginger production in this state of India.
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