Top 5 Garlic Production States in India

Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Punjab are the biggest producers of garlic in India. These states have a huge contribution to India’s overall garlic yield.
Madhya Pradesh cultivates 20,16,130 tonnes of garlic per year in India. This state contributes to a huge volume of 62.85 percent of the country’s total garlic production.
The state of Rajasthan in India produces 5,39,180 tonnes of garlic per year, leading to a contribution of 16.81 percent to the total garlic production of the country.
The garlic production of Uttar Pradesh registers at 2,10,900 tonnes of annual production. This Indian state accounts for 6.57 percent of the total garlic produced in the country.
Gujarat grows 3.29 percent of the total garlic production in India. The overall garlic production of Gujarat is around 1,05,650 tonnes annually, making it a profitable business.
Punjab garlic production is 85,200 tonnes every year. This state is responsible for contributing to the nation 2.66 percent of total garlic crop production.
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