Top 5 Fruits Help In Increasing Hemoglobin

It is a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood of vertebrates. Its molecule comprises four subunits, each containing an iron atom bound to a haem group.
The ascorbic acid present in pomegranate may also help boost the iron content in the body, regulating blood count. Consuming a glass full of pomegranate juice helps to keep you fit.
Consuming dates in your daily routine of about 250 grams helps to boost your blood levels. Dates are a good source of iron, increasing the blood’s hemoglobin levels.
A 100-gram serving of pumpkin seeds contains 3.3 mg of iron, making them the richest plant-based source of iron. A 28-gram serving of pumpkin seeds provides 2.5 mg of iron.
Legumes like lentils, peanuts, peas and beans can also help increase hemoglobin levels significantly. Their iron and folic acid content helps boost red blood cells.
Nuts and seeds are rich in red protein and healthy fats, which helps to improve the amount of hemoglobin in our body. Consuming daily can even enhance body strength.
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