Top 5 Fruit Production States In India

There are many fruits available in India which give profitable income when grown on a large scale. These fruits are Mangoes, Grapes, Apples, Bananas and Oranges.
Odisha is popular for its rich agricultural diversity, including being a significant producer of tropical fruits like mangoes. This makes Odisha a major fruit-producing state.
West Bengal showcases a diverse range of fruits, with its mangoes and lychees being majorly cultivated. Fruit production is a profitable business in West Bengal.
Bihar contributes to India's fruit production with crops like mango, banana, and guava. Fruit production in this Indian state has made a huge contribution to the country’s economy.
Tamil Nadu is celebrated for its cultivation of a variety of fruits, including bananas and coconuts. A large area of land is dedicated to fruit production in Tamil Nadu.
Karnataka stands out as another major fruit-producing state, famous for its production of grapes and pomegranates. Many farmers of Karnataka are engaged in fruit production.
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