Top 5 Fruit Plants to Grow in June

Mango trees can produce fruit in 1-2 years from planting, with some varieties even sooner. In the right conditions, they grow quickly. The Glenn Mango variety is the fastest to bear fruit!
This tropical fruit thrives in summer temperatures of 35°C - 38°C, tolerates frost, and grows up to 1200m above sea level. It prefers well-drained, uniform soils to prevent collar rot disease.
Plant guava trees in June-July. Ensure full sunlight for year-round indoor growth. For fruit, have a second tree nearby for cross-pollination. These steps ensure healthy growth and fruiting.
To grow a healthy pineapple plant, keep it in a sunny, warm, humid room, away from cold drafts or heating vents. In summer, place it outside in hot, humid weather when possible.
Watermelon is a favourite summer fruit, and June is the best time to plant it. For regions with cold winters, June is the ideal month for planting watermelon plants.
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