Top 5 Fruit Crops in India - Summer Fruit Crops

The popular fruit crop varieties in India are Cranberries, Grapefruits, Peaches, Pears and Lemons. Also, a profitable can be earned by producing these fruits.
Cranberries are not a widely cultivated fruit crop in India due to the country's climate and soil conditions. However, its production is increasing nowadays due to profits.
Grapefruit is not a commonly cultivated fruit crop in India, primarily due to specific climate requirements and limited demand, but many farmers are turning to its cultivation.
Peaches are a niche fruit crop in India, primarily cultivated in certain regions with suitable climatic conditions, making a profitable fruit crop due to rarity.
Pears are a minor but steadily growing fruit crop in India, cultivated in select regions with appropriate environmental conditions, resulting in higher profits for farmers.
Lemons are a widely cultivated citrus fruit crop in India, valued for their versatile culinary, and industrial uses. It also contributes to the nation’s overall fruit production.
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