Top 5 Food Crops to Grow in Space

Space farming is known as the cultivation of crops outside Earth, i.e. outer space or other celestial bodies under specified conditions, and it generates high-quality yield.
The temperature needed to grow space lettuce is 18-20°C, and it has a great taste compared to regular lettuce due to the microgravity and CO2 present in outer space.
Space wheat has more antioxidants and protein content. It is grown with temperatures ranging from 22-24°C, and the higher carbon dioxide levels improve space wheat’s taste.
Space rice grows fast and gives more yield than regular rice. This space crop can be cultivated between 25-30°C, and microgravity plays an important role in its production.

The space beans have more nutritional value and are tastier than those grown on earth. This space crop can be cultivated at temperatures ranging between 22°C to 24°C.

Space Peppers have more spiciness and are larger in size. It can be produced in 22°C to 24°C temperatures. The special environment of outer space improves space pepper quality.
Space tomatoes have a rich taste and are filled with nutrients. The recommended temperature for cultivating tomatoes in outer space ranges between 22°C to 24°C.
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