Top 5 Flowering Food Plants - Types of Edible Flowers

The popular flowering fruit varieties in India are plum, olive, apple, orange and onion. These flowering foods give attractive flowers before the emergence of fruits.
Plums not only delight the palate with their sweet juiciness but also grab the attention with their delicate blossoms, making them preferable for commercial cultivation.
Olive trees offer both the rich bounty of their fruits and the beauty of their flowering branches. This flowering food has several health benefits for better body functioning.
Apples attract us with their deliciousness, while their blossoms define the orchards in hues of delicate beauty. This flowering food variety is profitable as well.
Oranges are not only refreshing fruits enriched with their citrusy sweetness, but also they offer us the sight of their fragrant blossoms, which is attractive.
Beneath the soil, onions develop their edible bulbs, while above ground, their flowering stalks add a touch of delicate charm. Onions are suitable for commercial farming as well.
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