Top 5 Flower Producing States in India

India ranks second globally in the floriculture area after China. Major flower-growing states in India include Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and more.
Tamil Nadu leads in flower production within India, yielding approximately 521,210 tonnes of flowers. The main crops include jasmine, rose, and crossandra.
In India, Karnataka is the second biggest flower-producing state. It produces approximately 517,620 tonnes of flowers. The main crops grown there include roses, anthuriums, and gerberas.
Madhya Pradesh ranks as the third biggest flower-producing state in India, producing approximately 350,880 tonnes of flowers. Its primary crops include tuberose, rose, marigold, and others.
West Bengal ranks as the fourth largest flower-producing state in India, with an annual production of 293,240 tonnes. The primary flowers cultivated here are roses, orchids, and others.
Andhra Pradesh, the fifth-largest flower-producing state in India, cultivates around 279,850 tonnes of flowers annually. The main crops include gladiolus, lily, jasmine, and aster.
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