Top 5 Finger Millet Producing States in India

Karnataka grows the most ragi in India, mainly in the southern maidan. Tumakur district leads in production, followed by Ramnagar, Bengaluru Rural, and others.
Tamil Nadu comes next, providing about 7.1% of the country's finger millet. This type of millet is really important in Tamil Nadu and is used in favourite foods like dosa and idli.
Andhra Pradesh is a big producer of finger millet in India. It's about 4th or 5th in terms of how much it grows. It makes up about 4% of all the finger millet grown in the country.
Telangana is one of the states in India that produces finger millet. Finger millet is a type of grain that's grown for food. Telangana grows this grain as one of its agricultural products.
Maharashtra is a big producer of finger millet in India. Sources like ICAR and IIMR say Maharashtra is the largest producer, contributing about 5.4% of all finger millet in the country.
Karnataka makes a substantial contribution to India's finger millet production due to its favorable climate and effective agricultural practices that support the cultivation of ragi.
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