Top 5 Figs Producing States in India

Consuming figs is highly beneficial for human health. It contains fibre, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals that improve digestion & immunity, while lowering blood sugar levels.
Maharashtra is a major fig-producing state in India. Also, its flavorful fruits contribute to the culinary, state's agricultural wealth, and economic growth.
Gujarat is another state on our list known for growing figs. This state produces a good amount of figs due to its climate and agricultural practices in regions like the Gir forest.
Due to the state's favourable climate conditions, figs are also grown in good quantities in Uttar Pradesh. It has a suitable climate and fertile soil in the western and central parts.
This southern state of India is a prominent fig-producing state. Its favourable climate and soil conditions support healthy fig growth mainly in northern districts & the Western Ghats.
Tamil Nadu is also a major fig producing state due to its favourable weather and agricultural practices. This is particularly beneficial in regions like Coimbatore and Madurai.
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