Top 5 Fenugreek Producing States in India

Fenugreek, an herb grown yearly, is valued for its seeds and leaves. The seeds add flavor and nutrients to food, with a strong smell and slightly bitter taste.
In 2023-24, Rajasthan ranked first in fenugreek production in India, contributing 34.42% of the total. In 2019-2020, it accounted for half of India's fenugreek production.
Gujarat was the second-largest fenugreek-producing state in India, contributing about 6.68% to the total fenugreek seed production. In the previous year, it accounted for 7.78% of the production.
Madhya Pradesh made 97,330 tonnes of fenugreek, making it the top fenugreek-producing state in India. It accounted for nearly half of the fenugreek seed production in India.
Chhattisgarh, located in central India, is important for fenugreek production. Fenugreek, valued for cooking and health benefits, grows in different parts of the state.
Uttar Pradesh is one of the major fenugreek-producing states in India. It contributes significantly to the overall fenugreek production in the country.
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