Top 5 Fennel Production States in India

There are generally two varieties of fennel in India: Foeniculum vulgare and Florence fennel. The former is a herb, while the latter is considered a vegetable.
Gujarat cultivates around 68.04% of the total fennel production of India. A land area of more than 42,038 hectares is dedicated towards fennel cultivation in Gujarat.
The average five-year fennel production in Rajasthan is done on 13,404 hectares of land. The mean production in these years is 11,085 tonnes of fennel.
An area of more than 2,189 hectares of land is engaged in fennel cultivation in Madhya Pradesh. In this state, the fennel production is 1,084 kgs yield from one hectare of land.
This state contributes to the 0.85% of fennel produced in India. This crop is cultivated in more than 2,942 hectares of land in West Bengal, with a 1,698 kgs/hectare yield.
Uttar Pradesh cultivates fennel on more than 715 hectares of land. The productivity of fennel in this state is 1,106 kgs from one hectare of field, leading to higher profits
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